Information in Ukrainian
Information from IMDi

Applying for collective protection as a Ukrainian national
Information to Ukrainian nationals arriving in Norway about how to register with the police in order to apply for collective protection.

A D-number is a temporary identification number that you receive from the Norwegian Tax Administration when you need an identification number in Norway.

The police: The war in Ukraine
Information from the police

National Arrival Centre
The National Arrival Centre in Råde

Travel free of charge
Ukrainian refugees may travel for free to their final destination on Vy’s trains and express buses in Norway.

UDI: Stay in Norway
Information about protection and residence in Norway for those affected by the situation in Ukraine.

Health care for refugees
Asylum seekers and refugees in Norway have the right to healthcare for physical ailments and illness, mental issues, addiction problems, and dental care.

UDI: Information about the situation in the Ukraine
Information about protection and residency in Norway and information for authorities, volunteers and other societal actors.

Latest news on the situation in the Ukraine – from the Norwegian government

UDI: Help refugees
Information regarding helping Ukrainan refugees